Decorative Throw Pillows

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  • 17,90 24,90  with VAT
    • Elegant and comfy throw pillor for your sofa
    • Choose from 4 available embroideries
    • Ultra-easy maintenance
    • Comfortable and soft pillow filled with hollow fiber
    • Washable velvet cover | 59% recycled polyester, 41% polyester
    • Each component can be purchased separately
    • Internal pillow with a zipper for replacement/addition of filling
    • Responsibly Made in the EU


    The standard decorative pillow comes with the Lebeddie logo. However, if you prefer one of our embroidery designs over our logo, you currently have three options to choose from: 1. a flower, 2. a beehive, or 3. a tree with falling leaves (all embroideries are shown in the product pictures). Simply specify your choice in the notes at checkout.

    Standard Sizes (cm):

    • 40×40
    • 30×50

    Interested in a custom size beyond our standard offerings of 40×40 and 30×50 cm? Simply add this cushion to your basket and specify your desired size in the notes (how about 100×30?). We’ll contact you promptly to accommodate your needs.